A walk through the 2011-13 Farm bill reauthorization process from our partners at the Community Food and Justice Coalition (Click to enlarge)


An important message from our partners at the Western Center on Law and Poverty:

This is it.  The Farm Bill comes around just once every four years.  A cut to benefits now will be devastating to low-income families for years to come. Please put this at the top of your list.

Please join us today & tomorrow in tweeting, calling & emailing Members of Congress.

Call your member’s DC & Local Offices (For DC toll-free hotline set up by Feeding America at 866-527-1087.)

Ask them not to cut SNAP. Click here for details about proposed cuts and why they are bad for low-income Californians and our state.

(1) Target – If you are a statewide organization or in their district.  Please email and/or call until you get an answer on how they will vote on Monday.  Report back to;;

(2) Social Media – Please tweet, tag, post & so on.  All day Monday and Tuesday. If all you want to do is re-tweet, search #SNAP or #FarmBill and you will find some to re-tweet.  All of it helps.

More About This Week’s Efforts


From Center for American Progress:

From FRAC:

Thanks for your attention to this important matter!