Email Davis Mayor & City Council & Attend Tuesday’s City Council Meeting


Please contact the Mayor and City Council today! Ask them to reject the proposal to allow unregulated accessory units to meet affordable housing requirements. Also, mark your calendars for the next Davis City Council Meeting on Tuesday, 7/9. You can protect affordable housing options in Davis!

The proposed revision to the Davis’ Inclusionary Housing Ordinance would allow untargeted, unregulated accessory units to count toward a developer’s Inclusionary Housing requirement in new developments. This would take the City’s Ordinance from being one of the two the most progressive Inclusionary Housing Ordinances in the region to being one of the least effective in terms of affordable housing unit production.

It is clear from talking to residents of Davis and housing professionals that upscale accessory units in Davis carry very high rents, and that a large percentage are used as home offices. City staff thought accessory units rented for a reasonable price in Davis, but did not conduct a comprehensive study. It is our understanding that they looked on Craig’s list at a point in time, with no regard to unit quality.

The Social Services Commission voted AGAINST the accessory unit proposal. The Planning Commission members had grave concerns about this proposal and asked that staff put more time and research into this before going to council. 

Owners of accessory units may not rent to low income people because there will be no requirement that they do so. They are proposing that the accessory units be counted on just a 2 to 1 basis in meeting the affordability requirement. That’s not doing enough to meet the need. It is clear that without regulatory requirements, income targeting and rent controls, accessory units in new subdivisions will not be rented to low income people.

This change would not benefit low wage workers, and others living on low, fixed incomes–the very people the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance was designed to support.

Please urge the Mayor and City Council to vote against this dramatic and potentially devastating change in the City’s very effective inclusionary housing ordinance.  

Take Action:

1.) Join us at the next City Council meeting and speak about the importance of protecting Davis’ Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

Tuesday, July 9 at 6:30 p.m.

Community Chambers at City Hall,
23 Russell Boulevard
(corner of Russell Blvd. and B St.)

2.) Contact the Mayor and City Council today! Tell them:

  • Unless there are regulations that require affordable rents and occupancy by low income households, accessory units should NOT be counted as affordable housing.
  • An in-lieu fee should not be allowed in a subdivision as it defeats the goal of inclusive communities, and any in-lieu fee in a single small building needs to be at least $100,000 per unit.
  • Ask for a response to your concerns.
  • If you receive a response, please email Tamie Dramer, Housing Advocacy and Organizing Director, at Any questions may also be directed to Tamie.

Mayor Joe Krovoza:
Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk:
Councilmember Lucas Frerichs:
Councilmember Brett Lee:
Councilmember Rochelle Swanson:
Copy the city manager, Steve Pinkerton: