Take Action: Get “Mad As Hell” About SNAP/Food Stamp Cuts

Today, the Hill is running a commentary by FRAC President Jim Weill. The piece outlines the main reasons why everyone should be “mad as hell” about House majority leadership’s proposal to cut SNAP by $40 billion.

Join us today in raising attention to SNAP cuts and why we should all be “mad as hell” about them. You can participate today by doing all – or just one – of these three actions:

  1. Use FRAC’s model tweets (MSWord document)  to share facts about the impact of SNAP cuts.
  2. Share the op-ed on your Facebook page, and note how SNAP cuts will impact your audience.
  3. Post the op-ed on your blog, and share it with your followers.

For maximum impact, please use one of the following hashtags in your tweets:  #SNAPworks, #noSNAPcuts, #madashell

By sharing these messages widely today, we can raise attention to the reasons why SNAP cuts are so harmful, show how SNAP helps so many of us, and push back against the misperceptions and myths that continue to circulate.