What is happening with SNAP? 

THE VOTE TO CUT $40 BILLION DOLLARS from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNAP or CalFresh in California) happens TODAY! You should ACT NOW because SNAP truly does help Us ALL! For every dollar a person receives in food assistance, $1.79 goes back into the economy… and that helps our local communities thrive. If Congress cuts SNAP, millions of families will be forced to spend less on food which will hurt businesses’ sales, reduce state and local sales tax revenues, and cost jobs.

SNAP recipients will already experience a reduction in benefits starting November 1st at a time when other safety net programs are being cut and affordable housing is on the decline. We can’t solve all of these problems today but YOU CAN do something to demand no cuts to SNAP to help keep food on the table.

What you can do TODAY:

1. Call your House Member and urge him/her to vote “NO” on the House Republican Leadership’s nutrition-only farm bill (The Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act) that cuts $40 billion/10 years from SNAP. Advocacy efforts should be targeted to House Republicans. House Democrats are in agreement to vote NO.

Message: I urge you to vote NO on the House Republican leadership’s nutrition-only farm bill (H.R. 3102) to cut $40 billion/10 years from SNAP. This bill would increase hunger in America.

Call-In Number: 866-456-8824 (Special thanks to our friends at Feeding America for the toll-free number.)

2. Call in for a teleconference TODAY at 11am hosted by the CA Human Services Committee and California Anti-Hunger Experts!

Call-In Number: Dial (712) 432-1500, Participant Access Code: 101223#

SACRAMENTO- Local anti-hunger advocates and people who depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to feed their families will hold a tele-press conference on Thursday, September 19, in response to legislation being voted on this week in Congress that would cut food aid by $40 billion over 10 years affecting up to 6 million hungry families, children, seniors and veterans. SNAP (also known as Food Stamps) is an anti-poverty program that provides nutrition support to low-income people struggling to put food on the table and middle-class families who are struggling economically because of the Great Recession.

The legislation, sponsored by Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, would make cuts to food assistance on top of across-the-board cuts to SNAP benefits that are already going into effect this fall.

California Fair Share, Western Center on Law and Poverty, California Association of Food Banks, and local individuals who would lose benefits under the proposed legislation demand that Congress cease playing political “hunger games” that hurt vulnerable families, children, and local communities.

Instead, they will highlight the inequities of corporate tax loopholes for large companies such as Apple, General Electric, Google and Facebook, compared to Congress’ plans to save money on the backs of poor families struggling with hunger.

The California Budget Project will participate in the call to provide an overview of SNAP and its role in providing assistance to low-income Californians.

WHAT: Tele-Press Conference


Assembly Member Mark Stone, Chairman of the Assembly Human Services Committee
Eric Manke, California Association of Food Banks
Jessica Bartholow, Western Center on Law and Poverty
Patrick Stelmach, California Fair Share
Sandy Beals, FoodLink for Tulare County, Inc.
A representative for the County Welfare Directors Association of California
A Catholic nun who works in a food panty

WHEN: Thursday, September 19, 11:00 AM

CALL INFO: Dial (712) 432-1500, Participant Access Code: 101223#


Kudos to the Sacramento Hunger Coalition and our statewide partners who have said NO to the unconscionable proposal to cut SNAP!

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