May 11, 2017 (Sacramento County, CA) – New data from the California Housing Partnership demonstrates how low-income households in Sacramento County are struggling under the burden of high housing costs, with the County’s lowest-income renters spending 56% of their income on rent alone.

The California Housing Partnership published its annual Housing Needs Assessment data today for Sacramento County, demonstrating a snapshot of the region’s current housing needs and challenges.

Additional key findings include:

  • Sacramento County needs 62,072 more affordable rental homes to meet the needs of its lowest-income renters.
  • Median rent in Sacramento County increased 18% since 2000 while median renter household income decreased 11%, when adjusted for inflation.
  • Sacramento County lost 66% of state and federal funding for affordable housing since 2008.

“Most of us already know family or friends impacted by the housing crisis. But the data show the problem is much wider and deeper, requiring a systematic response,” said Matt Schwartz, CEO and President of the California Housing Partnership. “Fortunately, there are important opportunities in front of us, if we have the will to seize them.”

In collaboration with the Sacramento Housing Alliance, the new report includes state and local policy recommendations to address the findings.

Specifically, the policy recommendations include California Senate Bill 2 (Atkins) and Assembly Bill 71 (Chiu), which would identify new, permanent funding sources for affordable housing at the state level, and call on local leaders in Sacramento to identify funds for affordable housing that will benefit the region’s lowest-income residents.

“The time is ripe for us to act,” said Darryl Rutherford, Executive Director of Sacramento Housing Alliance. “The rate of homelessness continues to increase as we experience some of the highest rent increases in the nation. We need local governments to dedicate more resources to address these issues. Our recommendations for the region will increase affordable homes ensuring our most vulnerable neighbors have a place to call home.”

For the full report, click here.


About our collaboration:

Sacramento Housing Alliance (SHA) advocates for safe, stable, accessible, and affordable homes for homeless and lower income people in healthy communities through education, leadership, and policy change.

The California Housing Partnership is California’s leading expert in affordable housing finance and policy. The State Legislature created the California Housing Partnership in 1988 to help preserve California’s existing supply of affordable homes and to provide leadership on affordable housing policy and resource issues. Since then, the California Housing Partnership has worked with fellow affordable housing creators and preservers statewide to ensure that low-income Californians have the opportunity to live in a home that fosters a healthy, productive life. In partnership with nonprofit and government housing agencies, the California Housing Partnership provides the expertise, technical assistance, and advocacy leadership necessary to create and preserve homes affordable to those with the fewest housing choices.