Sacramento Housing Alliance is a nonprofit coalition that works to ensure that all people in the Sacramento region have safe, decent, accessible and affordable housing in healthy neighborhoods, supported by equitable public policies and practices.

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History and Service Area

Sacramento Housing Alliance was formed in 1989 to advocate for affordable housing, services and amenities for low-income communities.  Originally focused on homelessness and housing, Sacramento Housing Alliance now collaborates with community partners on a range of issues that impact affordable housing and housing equity including transit, redevelopment, community banking, environmental justice and food justice.

We serve the greater Sacramento metropolitan region including Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba, Placer and El Dorado counties.

Advocacy Priorities

Affordable Homes

SHA promotes local and regional policies and financing to increase the production of affordable homes, especially for people at the lowest income levels. This includes advocacy around mixed-income housing, housing trust funds, redevelopment and Housing Elements.

Solutions to Homelessness

SHA encourages the use of proven methods for decreasing homelessness through permanent supportive housing and homelessness prevention. In Sacramento County, we are committed to ensure that federal funding is preserved as the administration of homeless funding passes from the county to a private nonprofit.

Regional Planning

SHA Encourages sustainable growth strategies and equity considerations in regional planning. In particular we are focused on the implementation of Senate Bill 375 and the Sacramento Region’s planning connected to the HUD Sustainable Communities grant.