Did You Know?

  • Rents are rising – Rental prices are going up in Sacramento and nationally
  • Sacramentans are struggling to pay rent – 50,000 of our neighbors applied for just 3,000 spaces on an affordable housing wait list. The wait list does not guarantee housing.
  • The average renting Sacramento family earns less than $35,000 a year – These are people employed as pharmacy aides, child care workers, bank tellers and restaurant cooks. They cannot afford an average 2-bedroom apartment.
  • Families are doubling up in homes and must live in unsafe and overcrowded conditions – Nearly 24,000 Sacramento area homes are overcrowded.
  • Children living in poverty suffer most – More than 11,300 Sacramento County school students do not know where they will go home to at night.
  • By 2030, the number of seniors will grow by 125% – Many live on fixed incomes with already limited housing options.
  • The state has eliminated our major local source of funding to create affordable homes.

Join the Campaign for Affordable Housing

  • This allows us to know in which supervisorial district you live.

How to Get Involved:

  • Discuss affordable housing issues with your community groups
  • Write to your local elected leaders
  • Participate with Sacramento Housing Alliance in public hearings

Advocacy Toolkit – Get the Facts about Where You Live

County of Sacramento

GET THE FACTS: Sacramento County Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

Community Workshop

Focus Group Meeting Schedule

City of Sacramento

GET THE FACTS: City of Sacramento Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

City of Elk Grove

GET THE FACTS: City of Elk Grove Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

City of Roseville

GET THE FACTS: City of Roseville Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

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