The Sacramento Hunger Coalition (SHC) was founded in 1989 as a project of CommunityLink (formerly known as the Community Services Planning Council). Since 2010, SHC has been a project Sacramento Housing Alliance’s food justice work. The mission of the Sacramento Hunger Coalition is to reduce hunger and malnutrition by increasing food security and access to healthy and nutritious food in Sacramento County through public education, advocacy, community organizing and grassroots advocacy research.

SHC Quarterly Meetings

The Sacramento Hunger Coalition holds quarterly meetings that are open to any interested parties. These meetings are intended to be networking and educational opportunities.

SHC Steering Committee

Chair: Dawn Dunlap

The Sacramento Hunger Coalition steering committee is a committee of the Sacramento Housing Alliance Board of Directors. It meets monthly to provide strategic
direction to the coalition’s work.

SHC has three working committees:

1. Emergency Food Providers Forum

Chair: Alan Lange, Community Link

The Emergency Food Providers Forum is an informal group of food providers from throughout Sacramento County that meet quarterly to discuss issues and opportunities.

2. Food Stamp Advocacy Taskforce

Chair: Edith Martinez, River City Food Bank

The Food Stamp Advocacy Taskforce meets monthly to discuss issues and opportunities regarding CalFresh enrollment and benefits.

3. Public Education Committee

The Public Education Committee’s purpose is to initiate and implement public education campaigns. These campaigns are geared toward food insecure individuals as well as to members of the public who may be unaware of issues of food insecurity in our region.

Staff contact:  Samantha Hodges


Food Desert Locator

The USDA has released an online food desert locator. Several census tracts in Sacramento appear on the map. To view the map, visit this website.


Hunger Hits Home  2012: Understanding & Combating Hunger in Sacramento County

A Primer on the Restaurant Meals Program in California: Preventing Hunger Among the Elderly, Disabled & Homeless in the Golden State

Homeless Nutrition Education Toolkit: A Resource for Nutrition Educators and Emergency Food Providers

 Hunger and Homelessness in Sacramento: 2010 Hunger & Food Insecurity Report