The People’s Guide

People’s Guide is a self-advocacy tool for people experiencing homelessness and low-income people. The People’s Guide is designed to give them tools to play an active role in making a difference in their own lives.  The Guide is provides information about health care, housing, food, income, legal advice and employment from local, state and federal programs and community services in Sacramento County. Click the images below to access the English and Spanish editions of the 2014-2015 People’s Guides.

We are currently sold out of printed copies of the 2014 -2015 People’s Guide. To be placed on the waiting list to order People’s Guide at $1.00 each, please fill out the order form. Any questions can be directed to Veronica Beaty at (916) 455-4900, or via email.

The 2014-2015 People’s Guide was made possible through a generous $2,000 contribution from the Sacramento Bank of Commerce. The Sacramento Housing Alliance is grateful for the Sacramento Bank of Commerce’s support, as well as its commitment to the residents of Sacramento County.

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