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An Open Letter to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors
Preserve an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

Sacramentans value our diversity and equal opportunity. All residents of Sacramento County should have the freedom to live in neighborhoods that are thriving, close to work and the schools their children attend. Homes  built for people of all income levels ensures that our diverse workforce of daycare workers, seniors, people with disabilities, returning veterans, retail workers, state workers, and baristas, can sustain a way of living which allows for the opportunity to prosper and contribute in their communities. Without it, low, very low and extremely low income people suffer. They live day-to-day and hand-to-mouth just trying to get by. Many fall deeper and deeper in debt, and depend more and more on the dwindling safety net of social services, while others fall out onto the streets. No one in our community should have to choose between paying for housing or buying groceries, or paying a health care bill.

These situations will be exacerbated if the County Board of Supervisors eliminates the ground breaking 15% requirement in the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. It will make an already bad situation worse. This landmark requirement builds homes for Extremely Low Income people- our fellow Sacramentans on social security, disabled people, seniors, veterans and other community members on fixed incomes. It is tragic that the Board of Supervisors is considering dismantling this requirement and that this is happening at the worst possible time.

In the last 6 years of the economic tsunami:

  •  The number of children experiencing homelessness in our school system has doubled  from 5,000 to 11,000 children in Sacramento County
  •  Rents have increased an average $150 per month, or $1,800 per year
  •  The number of families on food stamps has increased 30%
  •  Nearly 50,000 Sacramentans applied for affordable housing vouchers and only 3,000 made it on the waiting list

These facts demonstrate why the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance is so critically important.  Times have gotten harder, and it feels like the County is turning its back on our most vulnerable neighbors.  Now more than ever we need housing for families of all income levels.  The existing ordinance reinforces inclusiveness in our communities and the homes created by it serve as a lifeboat in this economic storm.

We oppose significant changes to the County Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. Let the ordinance have a chance to work as we climb out of the Great Recession and together we’ll build equitable, affordable, and economically vibrant communities.

We strenuously object to the County dismantling the current Housing Ordinance! Keep the mandate to build affordable homes in new communities. Meet the need and overcome the crisis!

We call on the Board of Supervisors to keep the ordinance intact.


  • We will keep you informed on the status of this ordinance & other SHA updates

The below have signed the Open Letter:

Abowclo Sanders
Aimee Inglis/Tenants Together
Alan Brent Vockrodt
Alan Saunders
Alchemist Community Development Corporation
Alfonso Valladonez-Montgomery
Alfreda Weiss
Alton Trimble
Amanda Buccina
Amber L. Dickson
Amy Dierlam/River City Food Bank
Amy Morris
Amy Streit
Amy Watson-Chang
Andy Conn, Occupy Sacramento
Angela M. Schilz
Angelina Mendoza
Ani Durst
Ann Rothschild
Anne Graviet, Realtor, CHS, C-REPS
Annette Braddon-Walker/Trinity Cathedral
Annette Emery
Anthony DeRiggi, MD
April M. Fowler
Audrea Balak
Ava Goldman
Barbara Hopkins/League of Women Voters of Sacramento County
Barbara Stanton/Ridership for the Masses
Barry White
Ben Rosen
Bill Lackemacher
Bill Lackemacher
Bill Mash
Bill Powers
Bob Erlenbusch/Sacramento Housing Alliance
Bob Smith, former County Executive
Brooks Truitt
Byron Aarstad/St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
Carlos Espinoza/ Quinn Cottages
Carol J. Fernandez
Casey Knittel/Mustard Seed School
Catherine Lieb
Cathleen Scharosch
Chandra Livingston-Blanks
Chal M. Williams
Carlene Jones
Cheri Meadows
Cheryl M. Tholcke
Chester V. Fields
Chris Delany
Chris Delany – Loaves & Fishes
Chris Papouches
Christina Blackburn
Christine M. Guzman
Christine Poletto
Christopher Niehaus, President, Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento
Christopher W. Hunley
Chuck Hecht
Chuck O’Neil
Clyde B Wade
Community Housing Opportunities Corporation
Connie and Richard Koppes
Constance Rubio – Family Promise Host
Consultants in Education & Personal Skills
Courtney Poole/St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children
Courtney Thomson
Cynthia Gallagher
Cynthia Lawrence, Sacramento ACT member
Daniel Thomas
David Alois
David Hobs
David Osborn
Davida Douglas
Davida Feder
Dawn Dunlap/Sacramento Hunger Coalition
Deacon Donald M. Clark
Debbie Thomas/Maryhouse Loaves & Fishes
Deborah M. Noble
Debra Cunningham/RCAC
Dee Hartzog/Retired Attorney
Del B. Shook
Denise Johnston
Denise Ross
Dennis Hock/Francis House
Diana Lee Vriend/ The Way With Words
Diana Varcados
Diane & Ken McGuire
Diane Bader
Diane E. Welsh, Saint Paul Parish Social Justice Committee
Diane M Ellis
Donald P Taylor
Donald Taylor
Donna McNair
Donna Salsberry Volunteers of America
Donna Ward
Doris Fodge
Dorothy Knable
Dorothy Knable
Doug Thompson & Peggy Briggs
Douglas Long
Douglas Smith. NAMI Sacramento
Dr. Lee Turner, Community Housing Opportunities Corporation
Dr. Robert D. Edling
Dr. sargent wright St. Marks United Methodist church
Dr. Wynne DuBray
Earl Withycombe
Ed and Brigid Donaghy
Edith K. MacDonald/VFW post 1267, Sacramento,Ca
Edith Kuyper
Edwina White
Eileen Heaser
Eileen Thomas/Executive Director, River City Food Bank
Elaine Bickford
Eleanor Taniguchi
Elise Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Cifu
Ellen O’Neil
Ellen S. Wood
Eric Sunderland
Eric Wiesenthal
Esther Huston/St. Mark’s United Methodist Church/Citizen of Sacramento County
Fatima Malik
Felicity Gasser/Housing California
Florence Stafford / Quinn Cottages
Frances Gracechild/Resources for Independent Living
Frances Nachtsheim
Frank Goodie
Frank L. Topping
Frankie Griffin
Fred Rowe
Gail Ryall
Georgie Saydak
Gerald L. McAdams
Gerardo Gonzalez
Geri Esposito
Gina Schumacher
Giovanna Bellocci
Glenda Marsh
Glennah Trochet M.D.
Hannah Konnoff
Harold Fong
Heidi and Brad Sanborn
Helen N. Hanna
Holly Wunder Stiles
Howard MacDonald/VFW Post 1267, Sacramento
Howard A. Scott
Howard Lawrence, St. Mark’s Chapter, Sacramento ACT
Howard MacDonald/VFW
Iris Kelley
Irma Pate
J. Pyne
Jackie Mikesell St. Francis of Assisi Church
Jacob Yelvington with Lutheran Social Services
Jake Fathy
James E. Brown
James MacFarland/Safe Ground
James Morin
James Munro/St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
James Sartman
James Updegraff
Jan England
Jan Kelley
Jan L. Bergeron
Jane Ross
Janet M. Malindog
Janet Vining
Jason Towey/ Sacramento Steps Forward
Jason Weiner
Jay Walters
Jeanette Owens
Jeanne Templeman, Jeanne M. Templeman and Associates
Jeffrey Muss
Jenise Standfield/WRAP
Jennifer Diaz / Quinn Cottages
Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Mosher
Jennifer Schmidt/Inalliance Supported Living
Jenny Heil
Jessica Heintz
Jill Hurley/SHA member
Joan Burke/ Loaves & Fishes
Joan E Scott
JoAnn Anglin
Joanna Guzman Gutierrez Soto Barajas
Joann Mizutani
Joann P. Bryan/St. Mark’s UMC & Family Promise Sacramento
Joe Gonzales
John Best-Jarvis
John McCormack
John and Miriam McCormack, St. Marks United Methodist Church
John C. Reiger (Veterans For Peace)
John D. White
John Fields/St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
John Foley, Sacramento Self Help Housing
John Foster
John Grady
John L. Erlich
Jonathan Ellison
Joni Fitzsimmons
Joseph Tholmer
Joseph Toro
Joseph Zaccardi / Quinn Cottages
Joshua Bosworth
Joshua Enos Sika
Joyce Burris, Professor at CSUS
Joyce Daniels/Social Justice Committee, Divine Savior Catholic Church
Joyce McNair
Judith Andrews
Judith Schuchmann
Judith Wright
Judy Lane
Julia Mullen
Julie Snyder
June Sugar, RN
Justin Wandro, Sacramento Loaves & Fishes
Kaleb Royals
Karan Hatzenbeler
Karen Gunderson
Karen C. Naungayan
Karen Humphrey/Retired State Employee
Karen Jacques
Karhy Pounds
Kasey Singh/Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Kate Towson
Kate Towson/Women’s Empowerment
Kathie Hanna
Kathleen Woelffer Lane
Kathy Day
Kathy Parsons
Kay Buie
Kay Cooper, St. Marks United Methodist Church
Kay Mulligan
Kenneth C. Brown/California State University Sacramento
Kenneth Fors
Kenya Johnson
Kerrye Wheeler
Kimberly Crutchfield, Loaves & Fishes
Kimberly Niles
Kimberly Schueler
Kristin Guy
Lamaia Coleman
Latonele Allen
Laura Catherine Green
Leoma Lee
Linda Carpenter
Linda Deavens, CEO, Paratransit, Inc.
Linda Kuruhara
Lisa Blackwell
Lisa Culp
Lisa Trondsen
Loaves & Fishes
Lorena Coen/Personal Development Coach, Sacramento Cottage Housing, Inc.
Lorraine Latreille, St. Paul’s Social Justice Minisry
Louis A. Gipson
LuRetta Fairman
Lyle Gramling/Family Promise
Lyn Kelley
Lyn Vaught/The John Stewart Company
Lynn Hemmeter
M. Elena Arista
Madalyn T. Kelley
Madelyn Chand
Magy Hoyer
Mai Vang
Margaret Kent Newton
Margery Shunk
Margie Piercy, Allied/Nationwide Insurance
Margie Reilly, teacher, Sacramento City Unified School District
Maria B. Lopez
Marji Miller
Mark Dempsey
Mark Schroeder, O.F.M., Sacramento–Franciscans for Justice
Mark Schwartz
Mary Ann Robinson
Mary Barth
Mary Mandara, 40 days for life
Mary Smith
Matt Bateman
Matthew Pritchett
Maureen Sergent
Maya Abood
Melanie Crandall
Mica Bennett
Michael Brim/The Cypher Hip Hop Workshops
Michael G Kelley
Michael Mary Addison
Michael R. Donnoe
Michele Hills
Michele Plevin / Quinn Cottages
Michelle Adcock, Women’s Empowerment
Michelle Johnston
Michelle MacLellan
Michelle Santos / Quinn Cottages
Michole Seymore
Mike & Dory Savage
Mike Jaske
Mike Wakefield
Miriam McCormack
Missie Veda/ESL Instructor
Missy Kinder, Wellspring Women’s Center
Molly Wright
Monette Stevens
Mrs. Bonnie Byrnes
Mutual Housing California
Myra Steward
Nancie Moisan
Nancy Long Hine
Nancy Nguyen/Women’s Empowerment
Occupy Sacramento
Oksana Pysareva
Pam Shigemura
Pam Butts, Sister of Mercy Associate
Pam Shigemura
Pamela Louise Wade
Pamela Malone / Quinn Cottages
Pamela Tureen
Patricia Wu Borges
Patrick Johnson
Patti Uplinger/Housing Now
Paul Vong
Paula Lomazzi/Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee
Penelope Tafoya, St Francis of Assisi Parish member
Pepper Martin
Petra Stanton
Phyllis D. Russo
Priscilla LoForte/ Los Rios Community College District
Quanah Parker Brightman-United Native Americans
Rachel Iskow, Mutual Housing California
Ralph & Antoinette de Vere White
Randy Hicks
Regina Range
Rev. Alan Jones, Pastor St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Sacramento
Rev. Dr. Wayne Bradley Robinson
Ricardo Barreto
Rich Biss, Good Cause Inc.
Richard D. Taylor
Richard Hines
Rick Bettis, League of Women voters Sacramento County and Sierra Club Sacramento
Rickie Kinley
Robert C. Ream
Robert Jackson
Robert Link, Catholic Deacon, Diocese of Sacramento
Robert Meagher, MD
Robert Rivasplata
Roberta S. Erickson
Robin Durston
Robin Fine
Robin Howlett
Rod Ellenberger
Roger & Carol Stoughton
Ruby Owen/ Quinn Cottages
Russell J Andrews, MD / Ames Associate, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035
Ruth Mallery
Ruth Reynolds, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
Ruth Werner
S. Sidener
Sacramento Citizen
Safe Ground Sacramento, Inc.
Sally Weinland/ Sacramento ACT; St. Mark’s UMC
Sandy Loughridge/ Quinn Cottages
Sara Zeigler
Savanna Bales
Scarlato family
Scott Duke
Scott Kubik/Quinn Cottages
Scott Sanders
Sean Clancy
Seth B . Hodges
Shamus Roller, Housing California
Sharie Lesniak
Sharon Meyer/St. Marks United Methodist Church
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Wurst
Shelia T. Battles
Sherida Davenport
Sherrie-Lynn Blackmun
Shireen Miles/ Trinity Cathedral Parishioner/ County Resident (Susan Peter’s District)/Voter
Sister Judy Illig, IBVM/Wellspring Women’s Center
Sister Libby Fernandez,Sacramento Loaves & Fishes
SSIP Food closet Pattie Shaw coordinator
Stanley Keasling/Rural Community Assistance Corp.
Stephanie Bejarano
Stephanie Hill-Draughn
Stephanie Mitchell, Democratic Party State Central Committee Member
Stephen Doyle
Stephen L. Gould
Steven May
Steve McElroy/The John Stewart Company
Steven Root
Sue Geisler/St. Michael’s Independent Catholic Church
Sue Gylling
Susan and Lu Del Gaudio
Susan Lange
Tamie A. Dramer/ Organize Sacramento
Tanesha Shook
Terelle Terry Californians For Disability Rights
Terren Wing
Thais Thomas
The Rev. Trudy L. Franzen; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Rev. Virginia McNeely/Trinity Cathedral
Thomas E. Nicolette
Timothy D. Burke
Timothy Griffiths
Timothy C. Pynis
Tina Wong, RN
Tisha Price
Tom Roehr
Tracie Rice-Bailey
Treasurer, Subud California at Sacramento, a 501c3 Not for Profit Church
Ty Hudson
Uptown Studios
Va Vang
Vaughn Cotton/ Quinn Cottages
Valarie Carter
Victoria Rodgers
Violet M. Schultz
Virginia Franzago
Virginia Haradon
Wally Hoffsis
Wenona Farah Robbins Hess
William and Antoinette Storm
William Gross
William O. Gile
William Powers
Winifred Detwiler
Women’s Empowerment
Yoly Shroeve
Zack Olmstead/Housing California