Save the Sacramento County Inclusionary Housing Ordinance: Important Dates Ahead!

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors has announced that its 2013-2021 Housing Element was adopted on October 8, 2013. SHA and our community partners did our best to fight for stronger protection language for the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance within the Housing Element– an important enforcement document. Though we did not get as strong of language as we would have liked (we did get some), the fight now focuses on protecting the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance itself. Now at risk, this ordinance provides … READ MORE

SHA Seeks Executive Director

Apply Now

Affordable housing in Sacramento faces great challenges and opportunities. As the economic downturn caused home ownership to decline and rent prices to increase, working families struggled to stay afloat. The Sacramento Housing Alliance (SHA) seeks an effective and visionary Executive Director with innovative solutions for this recovering housing environment. The Executive Director will lead the organization’s advocacy and education efforts around affordable housing, homelessness, land use and transportation. The ideal candidate will have a strong affordable housing policy … READ MORE

Action Alert! SNAP Cuts Voted on TODAY!

What is happening with SNAP? 

THE VOTE TO CUT $40 BILLION DOLLARS from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNAP or CalFresh in California) happens TODAY! You should ACT NOW because SNAP truly does help Us ALL! For every dollar a person receives in food assistance, $1.79 goes back into the economy… and that helps our local communities thrive. If Congress cuts SNAP, millions of families will be forced to spend less on food which will hurt businesses’ sales, reduce state … READ MORE

Action Alert! Join the SNAP Helps Us All Campaign TODAY!

Why is SNAP important to you? #SNAPHelpsUsAll #NoCutstoSNAP


What is the SNAP Helps Us All campaign?

The SNAP Helps Us All campaign, created by the Sacramento Hunger Coalition and the California Hunger Action Coalition, provides an opportunity for you to tell policymakers why the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, CalFresh in California) is important to you. Many in Congress want to cut SNAP by billions of dollars at a time when countless numbers of Americans are struggling to feed READ MORE

Action Alert! House Majority Leadership Proposes to Cut SNAP by $40 Billion

Take Action: Get “Mad As Hell” About SNAP/Food Stamp Cuts

Today, the Hill is running a commentary by FRAC President Jim Weill. The piece outlines the main reasons why everyone should be “mad as hell” about House majority leadership’s proposal to cut SNAP by $40 billion.

Join us today in raising attention to SNAP cuts and why we should all be “mad as hell” about them. You can participate today by doing all – or just one – of … READ MORE